SMN 50th Reunion
Sept. 18-19, 2020

Sept. 18 
SMN Homecoming Football Game

Sept. 19
Tour of SMN (morning)

Sept. 19
Sylvester Powell Jr.
Community Center
6200 Martway St.
Mission, KS

Mark your calendars
More too come!

SMN 1970
It's time to Celebrate 50th year !!
SMN 1970 Committee

Marla Hedrick Moore   
Patty O'Donnell             
Louie Garcia                  
Bob Parsons                  

Steve Howard               
Larry Morrissette  

Please help us find any of our classmates by sending us any information you have.  We need to make our 50th the biggest yet!  So PLEASE HELP

Use Contact Us in this web site or e-mail any of us!  THANKS
SMN 1970 50th Reunion
SMN CLASS OF 1970 50th REUNION !!!!
Please help us find our classmates for our 50th.
Anybody you know of please send to us.  We want this to be the best party for all!

Marla Hedrick Moore
Louie Garcia
Patty O'Donnell
Bob Parsons
Laura Butterfield Morford