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Cindy Dickerson (Eads)
Retired Married 2
Can't believe it has been 40 years.  My husband and I have been retired for 5 years.  We are blessed with 5 children between us and 7 grandchildren with one on the way.  We go to California for the winter and live a the Ozarks for the summer.  Hope to make it to the reunion.  Haven't bowled for years!!!! Send Cindy a MessageSend Cindy a Message
Robert Rob (Ebert)
repair tec. (home medical equip.) Married 2
Hey Indians!  I've been married to Glenna for 38 years. After h/s, I joined the Navy for 6 years. Did a med cruz and a 10 month tour in Naum. Was a great expierence.
We had 2 children , altho we lost our dgtr. of 14 yrs. in 1988.

We now have 3 grandchildren and are very proud of them. Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion! Hard to believe the large number of our fallen indians. God bless them all!

See you later, Rob
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Cheri Foster
Having fun enjoying life & traveling Single Again 1
Hugs all can't wait to see all of you that show up..Sounds like we are  going to have fun..I too have many memories of the ones we lost..Adele  my best friend since 6 years old..Gary you were my true friend miss ya..Ron why did ya have to leave us so soon, also Ditto wow just found that one out love ya had so much fun with you my friend.  See ya at the reunion ummm 40 years ugh..Cheri Send Cheri a MessageSend Cheri a Message
Theodore or Ted D. N/A (Foster)
June 10, 1951 Head Chef/Camp Manager/ Construction N/A Married 3

Hello to all my classmates ! I still kickin an still fightin.and yes I am still alive!. After High School I went to J.C.C.College. Drop a grade and got Drafted in the Lottery #76 Then Enlisted. Went to Germany. Went to Alaska in 1975 Worked on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline untill  the Oil went down the Pipeline.I have been very busy for the past 35 years helping to Build the State of Alaska. I Married my wife Maude in 1977 . I  hope to one day  make one of these High School reunions.Hope to see all of you soon.

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Mike Franke
December 11, 1951 Sr Acct Rep Married 3

LIvin in Paradise in So Cal

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Mark Franz
April 10, 1952 Roofing & Construction Company Owner Single Again
Hi everybody from SMN '70.
Right out of High School, I attended KU for three semesters until I found out that there wasn't a degree in "Partying."

Shortly thereafter, I moved to Texas with my family and attended the University of Texas at Austin. Graduated with a BBA majoring in Finance. (Hook-em Horns!)

I have lived in Texas most my adult life and presently reside in Austin.

I am "Single Again," after a few failed marriages. Never had any children. (All my friends want me to borrow theirs.)

Yes, most of us are coming up on 'the Big 60' next year. Never thought we'd be this old, did we!

If you remember me and find yourself near Austin, TX, please send me an email and perhaps we could have a good cup of coffee and talk about the old times.

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Louis Garcia
Profile picture
Retired Postal Service Single 2
Daughter Mia McClanahan  married to Brandon McClanahan both SMN Alumni Class of 1993
Four children: Bryce 14 Andrew 13 Derrick 12 Serena 8.

Son L. Vincent Garcia Jr. SMW 1996 married to Rena Garcia.
Two Daughters: Alina 11 and Grace 17 months.

Married JoAnn Avitia (deceased)  SMN Alumni Class of 1971.
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Spencer Gregg
President of Travel Clean Car Wash Married 2
Will be a Great Time, Hope to see some old friends. Send Spencer a MessageSend Spencer a Message
James Hayes
self employed Married 1
Cynthia and I have been on the farm 34 years.  our son is in law enforcment in Gardner,  KS.  We gifted our collection of Masonic art work etc to Sioux City Consistory and it is known as the James & Cynthia Hayes Masonic Gallery.  Life becomes more fun every year! Send James a MessageSend James a Message
Kristine Runkel (Hines)
Profile picture
Profile picture
health/wellness & anti-aging consultant Divorced 3
This is the best time of life! We may be getting older, but aren't we quite wise now! Being part of the Baby Boom is great and I'm glad to be around to enjoy it allI love being a grandmother of 9 though that is a lot to keep up with. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and having fun!   Send Kristine a MessageSend Kristine a Message
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