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Andy Hooten
Married 3
I did my stint in the military then attended KU.  I married my high school sweetheart, Julie Meier, just like I had wanted to since I was 16.  Turns out, that was the best thing I've ever done.  We are great together.  She is my everything!

We own a conglomerate of home inspection-related businesses after starting with one little company in 1978.  I still do some inspections myself because I just love the business so much.  Some day, I guess I ought to retire, but I think I'd miss it too much!

Julie and I love to dance.  After we became empty-nesters, we transformed our property into a "party house" for ballroom dancers.  I have a great outdoor kitchen and enormous bar with a roof, complete with dishwasher, trash compacor, fridges, microwave and grill.  How can you justify all that and not entertain?  So, we dance outdoors on our dancing patio and porcelain tiled deck and we dance inside, in our ballroom.  Most of our friends are much better dancers than we are, but we have fun doing it and that's all that counts!

We probably won't recognize anyone at the Reunion.  If you all have changed as much as we have, we won't have a clue who you are.  And, frankly, we haven't tried to recall memories from high school for decades!  We are thankful we never got caught doing all the "necking" we used to do under the SMN back stairs, though!
Julie Meier (Hooten)
Business Owner/Teacher Married 3
I taught in Mexico City and then in Bogota, Colombia while Andrew "Andy" was overseas in the military.  We raised 3 wonderful kids:  a brunette, a redhead and a blonde.  We decided to stop...I mean, what else was there?  We had 2 grandsons until last week; our 4-year-old grandson died from a tragic accident.  We plan to continue to see our daughter and and our 6-year-old grandson several times a week, just like before, and work through our grief together.

We have owned a conglomerate of home inspection-related business for more than 30 years now.  I teach other people to own and operate their own businesses as well.

Andrew and I love to dance...ballroom, CW, Salsa, name it.  We loved it so much, we actually built a ballroom in our home.  We host dozens of private dance parties every year.  We also travel with our dance friends and dance in every country we visit.

We're still crazy in love with each other, just like when we were kids.  He's my best friend, my business partner, my lover and my confidante.  What more could anyone want?

We haven't kept up with anyone from SMN for many years now, so we're looking forward to refreshing our memories.  Here's hoping our long term memories are better than our short term ones are!

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Martha Hudson
nurse consultant Single
I have been living in Texas for 20yrs now. Engaged 3 times, never brave enough to take the plunge. No children, except a lot of animal kids.

Hoping to retire in a few years on Table Rock Lake-Miss the Ozarks-Have a lake house at Texoma Lake now.  Can't believe it has been 40 yrs since we all were at SMN
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Susan Hunt
Attorney Single
After graduation went to KU and obtained a teaching degree.  Taught high school biology for 5 years.  I then became a Forensic Chemist at the KCMO Police Department Crime Lab.  Four years later I attended KU Law School.  Worked for one of the top KC Criminal Defense Firms.  In 1990 went out my own and am still self-employed.  I handle only criminal cases primarily in Federal Court. Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Steve Kreiter
Retired - Software Quality Assurance Married
I come back to Kansas City pretty much every year and drive through Mission and by North all the time. Lots of memories. Hope to make it back for the reunion.
Kay McKain (Lee)
Profile picture
Webmistress Committed Relationship 2
Wow!  40 years. 

Note to Marla:  Can't  upload my "Then" photo because they were all 35 mm or Polaroid.  I keep meaning to take them to Walmart and have them digitized one of these days, but I never seem to get around to it.  Oh well.  Nice job on pulling this all together, Marla!  I'm sure it's a lot of work.  Kudos to you!

See you all at the reunion!

Kay McKain Lee 
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Vicki Lindtwed
Profile picture
Realtor Widowed 2
WOW!  We left KC in 1984 and I only made the 10 year and the 40 year.  We lived in Chicago for 16 years before heading off to Arizona for the warm weather and sunshine.   Send Vicki a MessageSend Vicki a Message
Cheryl Hanson (Long)
"Want To Be" Artist Married
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Debra Crawford (Lynn)
accounting Single Again
Moved back to KC in January 2009 after living in Texas for the past 30 years.  It's been great to see old friends and look forward to seeing more of you at the reunion. Send Debra a MessageSend Debra a Message
Larry Mason
Environmental Scientist Single Again 1
Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances. I have been to all the Reunions, and I'm looking forward to the 40th. Send Larry a MessageSend Larry a Message
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