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Janice Wisner (McAnaw)
retired from UPS Divorced 3
Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Send Janice a MessageSend Janice a Message
Tom Meserole
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geek, having fun Married 1
 Alive & well and back living in Mission.

It was great seeing people over the weekend.  I even recognized a some of the faces.  I guess my 40 year old memory is not perfect.

Stay in touch.
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Luke A. Miller
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September 04, 1952 Retired 2015 Married
Dear Class of 1970,
2015 been a very busy year. I retired in February after 32 years in medical sales. I recently married in April, celebrated my birthday in Paris in September, and bought a new home with my wife Cindy. In November we're having a 90th birthday party for my mother. It's been a great year.
I'm looking forward to the 50th anniversary of the class of 1970!
Best Regards,
Luke A.Miller
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Wanda Teeters (Monger)
Office Coordinator Married 3
40 Years - that must be a mistake, I'm sure we're not that old!

Should be lots of fun!
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Marla Hedrick (Moore)
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June 04, 1951 Retired Married 2
Come to the 50th reunion.    Looking forwards to see all!!!!!
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Laura Butterfield (Morford)
teacher Married 3

I'm looking forward to the reunion and glad to see so many will be attending.

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Larry Morrissette
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Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 40th high school reunion

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Pat Murphy
Pediatric Surgeon Married 2
 Still in Kansas City, working at Children's Mercy Hospital. Still married to Jane, 2 kids, no grandkids. Looking forward to seeing everyone in July.  Pat Send Pat  a MessageSend Pat a Message
Bill Nesbitt
Real Estate Broker Married 3

Howdy! Thanks Marla for staying in touch.  The Dickenson theatre is too much! I remember holding hands in the eighth grade at a movie there and also enjoying my first kiss there, in the 9th grade. Anyway still snow here in the high country in Crested Butte. Am involved in water issues, city, county, and state politics, and regional transportation (airlines). Have 3 great, outdoorsy kids and a wonderful saint of a wife (she puts up with me)! Have my health still; even though some broken bones in some extreme activities.

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Patty O'Donnell
Health & Welfare Benefits Administrator Single Again 1
Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. Send Patty a MessageSend Patty a Message
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